“Revealing the Truth” now available in English

Revealing The Truth, English translation of 《揭開真相》 written by Cheng Hui Shi is now available on Amazon:


The narrations in this book are all true stories told by Buddhist nun Cheng Hui Shi; what she saw, heard, experienced, and actually participated in during the twelve years spanning 2001 to 2013. Living inside the home base she was able to observe from a close distance, the Buddha and the True Buddha-dharma. At the same time, she also encountered many people with the titles of venerable one, dharma king, rinpoche, and dharma master. The author observed that many of these people seemed unworthy of their titles. Reflecting deeply on her own doubts and falseness she was eventually able to discover her own hidden obstructions. In 2013, she received an initiation of state practice and was transmitted the dharma of Xianliang Great Perfection.

Link: https://goo.gl/Cq4eHx

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